Why is my content blocked?


We found out that some users are embedding their uploaded videos on pandaload inside an Ad bypass player, which prevents our ads from popping up whenever the content is played.
As a warning we only blocked the content using these kind of scripts!
From now on... the usage of ANY kind of blocking script, will result in a permanent ban without a warning.

Without ads we can't maintain the website!
Thank you for your understanding.


Are you fixing bugs and problem?

Yes of course, we are constantly trying to improve and we welcome any suggestions that might improve our services.


What file types are allowed?
You can upload all kinds of file types.


What type of files are directly streamed?
(For now) Most video files are directly streamed before getting converted into multi qualities, and all the other file types are only downloadable.


Up to which file size can I upload my files?
Videos up to 3GB. Non Streamable files up to 4GB


Are there any download and upload speed limitations?

There are no limitations at all.


How long do you host my files?
Streamable files will be deleted after 100 days of inactivity. Non Streamable files after 50 days.
Inactivity means no views or downloads at all!


Have any Questions? then feel free to contact us at any time!