Hello Dear Users, 5/16/18



Today we fixed a very important thing which is the File Manager or "My Files" we fixed the folder issue and improved the visibility of the new added files... We are still fixing some other issues like the download for non streamable files and upload speed issue, a fix is coming soon...


Please report any problems or errors you notice...

Thank you :)




Hi... first news test yey... :D! 5/9/18


We are excited to bring you this project, which took us about 2 years from start to finish... its Pandaload!

share any files you want any time you want with no limitations and only a limited amount of ads.

Our plan is to become number 1 in what we do! we already have the best video quality! unlike some other video streaming websites, we don't corrupt your video quality just to save storage... We also give you more than one quality to help you if you have slow internet speed.

We have a lot of features coming soon! one of them is the opportunity for you to make money from our website, so stay tuned ;)

You can help us improve by sharing your feedback by contacting us.

C yaaa :)